Window Tinting Tool Belt

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Patent Pending Tool Belt

“Me and my installers love our belts! Finally a solution for the used olfa blades and wow, thank you Quick Draw Tools for coming up with the paper towel holder and awesome clip for the sprayer nozzle. Can’t believe that this belt even exists! Everyone here at Titan Window Tinting are now Quick Draw Tinters. Worth every penny and more”!

Eric Christoph/Owner-Titan Window Tinting in Houston, Texas

” Always wished I had an extra pair of hands to speed up my installs. So cool that the Quick Draw Tool Belt gives me the speed I wanted. And man, it’s awesome having the snapper box and paper towel holder right at my waist. Thanks for a well-designed, comfortable belt that will last and makes my life easier”

Chad Livingston/Owner-Chads Window Tinting in Largo, Florida

“Can’t say enough great things about the belt system. Totally ingenious! After wearing Unger and pouch style tool belts for years, the Quick Draw belt system has literally changed my life. Tinting has become easier and with so many less hassles. Its about time!"

Brian Ashe/Owner-Commercial Window Film Solutions in Boca Raton, Florida