Food Truck 
Specialty Windshield Shades

Quick Draw Windshield Art reduces heat in food-truck kitchens by up to 40%. Mobile chefs enjoy the cooler interiors and additional privacy. And you’re a/c system cycles on less resulting in greater efficiency. Digitally printed with YOUR logo, our heat-blocking shades are customized to also attract attention wherever your trucks are parked.

Custom Windshield Shade Features 

  • Cut to fit the dimensions of your truck’s windshield
  • Remains snug without gaps or slipping down
  • Built-in heat barrier keeps interior up to 40 degrees cooler
  • Eliminates damage to dashboards by blocking 100% of the UV Rays
  • Shades display your business logo and any other lettering in high-def digital print

  Hand-Sewn and Printed In Our St. Petersburg Facility 

  Sewn-in Suction Cups Keep Shades in Place!

Besides adding comfort, privacy, and a spectacular touch to your food truck, Windshield Art turns your “kitchen on wheels” into a marketing machine. Monetize your company brand and be noticed as never before!
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