Tire Guard w/ custom design

Our exclusive Tire Guard adds a barrier of protection to a vehicle’s tires during paint protection, ceramic coating, and vehicle wrap installations. Just about any task that requires working around tires will benefit from having Tire Guards’ ability to keep tires dry, clean, and sheltered from damage. Gain greater appreciation for your professionalism as customers observe Tire Guards being used to protect their tires and rims.

Along with protection, we customize Tire Guards with your logo for marketing recognition. Whether seen on social media or in blogs, personalized Tire Guards give your company visible branding to attract new customers!

Standard Tire Guards – black, blue or red material
Custom Tire Guards – black material with your logo in high-def digital print
Deluxe Custom Tire Guards – fully customized with choice of material color, design and logo

Available Sizes
Small to Medium: 22” – 31”
Large to XLarge: over 31”

Standard – $29.00 each
Custom   –  $39.00 each
Deluxe Custom – $69.00 each

Tire Guard Storage
Our customers find that a simple hook on the wall provides easy hanging and quick access for storing covers.


  • Standard
  • Custom Branded
  • Deluxe Custom Branded

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