Side Slinger Tool Pouch

The One and Only Customized, Multipurpose Side Slinger 

Crafted for Applications Ranging From Light Duty to More Challenging Projects:
• Window Tinting
• Auto Tinting
• Shop Work
• Shipping
• DIY Projects
• Just About Anything….

High Quality-Durable Marine Grade Material-Designed for Organization, Efficiency, and Comfort

1 Large open pocket.

1 Medium size pocket with 4 slots for pens or other tools/utensils.

4 Additional spaces for tools/utensils.

1 Top slot holds squeegees or scraper tools.

4 Heavy duty loops.

Offering easy access, a pocket in the center area of the Side Slinger holds a snapper box. To maximize convenience, sewn in magnets secure magnetized tools/utensils.

With a slot through the top, the Side Slinger adapts comfortably to any size belt for a one-size-fits-all.

Featured in black, we customize the Side Slinger with YOUR business name/logo/image!

Two options are provided for uploading logo images:
Option #1 – Use upload link below.
Option #2 – If a problem is encountered simply email your artwork to:
Upload images in Photoshop, EPS, or TIFF formats only.

$59.00 $49.00

  • Black

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