Sales Kit Set (Deluxe)

Customizable sales demo kit/carry bag, all 3 components, 8 suction cups, 8 acrylic boards, 2 whiteout boards, 1 dyes & silver board, Custom Stickers 2×11, custom spec stickers (in available manufacturers) and a bag designed w/ space to hold extra boards and accessories.

Part 1 Sales Demo

Part 2 Sales Board Presentation

Part 3 Heat Demo

Why You Need A Few Extra Clear Acrylic Boards And The Whiteout:

  • Clear boards are for you to apply a dyed film of your choice to help demonstrate how these films versus your higher end films that are on the rest of your boards will be well worth the extra money. Many of the customers we deal with believe all films are the same and the darker you go the more heat is kept out. This deme will enable your sales team to prove that myth is incorrect and upsell them into a ceramic or dual reflective.
  • Whiteout boards are used to demonstrate interior reflectivity. You simply have two suction cups w/ hooks on the glass side by side. The two boards are set on the hooks. Then you hand a highly mirrored film on one and a ceramic type film on the other. You will then have the ability to demonstrate how the higher end films have far less interior reflectivity. Looks very similar to how the windows will look in the evening.

*Add your custom logo for an additional $10.00 (Click Yes in the custom logo field below.)

We include spec stickers for these manufacturers. If yours is not listed let us know, and we will get working on them.


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