Digital Equipment Cover w/custom logo

Prevent damage and prolong the life of your valuable equipment! Designed to easily slip on and off, our durable cover protects your machinery from dust, dirt, and spills. We can also add your logo to enhance the cover with personalized one-of-a-kind branding!

You will find our Equipment Covers ideal for:
• Plotters
• Printers
• Laminators
• And more

Our Digital Covers will accommodate the following sizes:
• Small/Medium (24″- 65″)……$129.00
• Large/X-Large (66″-124″)…..$159.00


Measurements required for accurate fit:
• Height (does not include the stand)
• Width
• Depth


*Every cover comes with a free customized logo.


  • Small/Medium (24"- 65")
  • Large/X-Large (66"-124")

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