Clipboard Holster w/ Belt


Deluxe version includes 2″ Hard Webbing belt.

Fits clipboard perfectly for a hands free approach to measuring and estimating! Saves time and adds efficiency when using a tape measure.

When measuring during your next sales call or project, add a “measure” of convenience with our newly designed clip board holster! Traditionally, clip boards are held with one hand while writing, then set aside while measuring, slowing you down and often times causing the measuring process to be quite cumbersome.

With the Quick Draw clip board holster you will not waste time or fumble around ever again. The holster performs as a nifty pouch holder with a 2″ Elastic Belt that is universal. For even more convenience, the pouch also has compartments to hold a calculator, pens, business cards, etc.  Best of all, you will NEVER hold a clip board between your knees again!  (clipboard not included)



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