Auto Door Guard Lite

Window Tinter’s Dream! Durable water-resistant Microfiber material cover saves time and protects car doors from water and installation damage. The all-new Auto Door Guard Lite!

Made with water-resistant Microfiber material, our smaller version of the Auto Door Guard measures 26″ tall x 45″ wide. Just as the original size, Auto Door Guard Lite offers the same never-seen-before features. Save time and protect car doors from water and installation damage with even more advantages!



* Window Tinting

* Auto Detailing

* Auto Customizing

* And more….


Easy, Secure Attachment to ANY Car Doors

* Never have to use tape to attach!

* 4 magnets on top of the Door Guard Lite enable a secure attachment to the metal on doors.

* Soft elastic straps with additional magnets enhance the fit and adhere perfectly to aluminum doors.

* 2″ elastic strap with Velcro ends provides the ideal answer for strong attachment to non-metal doors.

* Magnetic “open and close” cut-out in middle allows easy access to window buttons.

* Auto Door Guard Lite includes 2 loops to hold spray bottles; a magnet mid-way down keeps olfa-knife at hand, other magnets prevent 1-inch blades from endangering work area or be left in the vehicle.


“Special Launch” Price of $49 Includes Printing Branded Logo!


Door Guards can be firmly hung on Quick Draw Tools’ exclusive customized Docking Station fixed to your tint shop’s wall. Simply add our metal plates to pre-drilled holes in your drywall, wood, etc. In between installations, lay the magnetic top of the Door Guard on the wall plates for perfect, secure storage with fast and convenient access for that next customer!


** Add $12 for your customized Docking Station during the Auto Door Guard Lite launch!

Two options are provided for uploading images:
Option #1 – Use upload link below.
Option #2 – If a problem is encountered simply email your artwork to:
Upload images in Photoshop, EPS, or TIFF formats only.


  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Beige
  • Custom

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