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Conducting sales presentations with our exclusive sales kits, dispel the “darker film keeps more heat out” myth that influences many customers. The formula for upselling to a ceramic or dual reflective film is now at your fingertips.
Included Components w/Benefits 
  • Black carrying case made with marine grade water-resistant material.
  • 8 clear acrylic boards – Applying dyed films onto boards demonstrates the difference between the performance of more expensive films compared to dark, cheaper films.
  • 2 whiteout boards – Placed on glass side by side with using suction cups w/hooks, put     mirrored film on one and ceramic film on the other. Customers quickly see how a higher-end film has     far less interior reflectivity and serves as excellent representation for nighttime comparison.
  • One board each for dyed film and silver film placed on glass illustrates the negatives that cheaper films would offer
  • 5 suction cups w/hooks.
  • Manufacturers’ spec stickers (2”x11” each) that adhere as board headers.
  • A removable Velcro strap attaches a holster for holding a heat lamp

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Sales Bag

Veloce Kit

  Note: Additional slots hold BTU meter, extra boards, parameter sheets, and accessories such as business  cards, cell phone, booties, etc. Kits include your logo and/or the logo of the manufacturer you represent. Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use upload link below for EPS. PNG, or PDF Formats Option #2 – Email artwork:
Add-on Pricing
Clear boards - $12.00 each
Dyed boards - $18.00 each
Whiteout boards - $18.00 each
Suction cups w/hooks - $1.00 each
Ala Carte Pricing
Carrying Case - $89
Heat Lamp Holster - $32.00


Lightweight and durable, this basic all-around tool apron offers valuable utility for use in any industry. *FREE Customized Logo Included  Colors – red, black, blue Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork: