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Patent pending dual-action blade snapper box with container safely holds dangerous blades.  Powerful magnet pulls down and keeps snapped blades inside box.  Plastic cover slides down for easy and safe removal of used blades.  Blade-Aid made wide and deep enough to store larger amounts of any size blades.


Metal loop with spring-loaded gate quickly and reversibly connects components, Quick Draw Tools uses carabiners for fastening accessories to our Belts, Aprons, and Caddies.

Comfort Pad

Measuring 26”x33”, this ½” thick pad made with black water-resistant material is a variation of a yoga mat with added functionality for contractors or do-it-yourselfers. Providing comfort when kneeling, sitting, or lying down, the pad adds an excellent layer of protection to walls and fixtures when working in a fragile area. Also, safeguard against damaging furnishings by laying tools on the pad instead of floor or furniture. Included Velcro straps make for quick roll-up storage. Made tough to last and easily cleaned with soap and water.
FREE Customized Logo Included
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No other product can simplify and add quick accessibility to as many applications like the Waist Master. With its hands-free and multi-functional uses, contractors, people of every profession, and the “stay-at-home” community can all benefit from using the Waist Master!
  • Contractors – having a clipboard at your waist speeds up the customary slow measuring process.
  • Salesmen – add professionalism to your pitch without fumbling around looking where you left  your estimate/order sheets.
  • Medical & Computer Pros– eliminate having to put down your iPad/clipboard/records for each new patient or customer.
  • Home Organizers –tasks and hobbies at home get done quicker and easier.
  Whether working, traveling or even at home, having your clip board, iPad, tablet, order/inventory sheets, etc., held comfortably around your waist is a “game changer”. Unlike traditional practices where such devises had to be held with one hand when writing and then set aside until needed again, Waist Master keeps what you need securely and comfortably belted to your waist. We added compartments to hold calculators, pens, business cards, etc.  The Waist Master perform as the ultimate “hands-free” alternative to every other carrier pouch on the market.
*With universal elasticized belt - $49.00
* Without belt (can be worn with any belt) - $39.00

Windshield Cover

Introducing the first ever customized shade that keeps your vehicle’s interior considerably cooler than traditional shades. Besides comfort, our shades add artistry and a personalized emblem to your wind-shield glass.

Performs Better ~ Looks Better

* Made with SheerWeave sun-control material. * Sewn-in radiant heat barrier rejects highest degree of solar heat. * Add business logo, artwork, or Shutterstock picture. * Computerized to fit the size of your window. With Quick Draw’s digital printers, we transform your windshield into a fully customized work of art that will attract attention wherever your vehicle is parked. *FREE Customized Logo/Artwork Included Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork:

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