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Auto Door Guard

Auto Tinter’s Dream! Durable water-resistant cover saves time and protects car doors from water and installation damage. Easy & Secure Attachment to Any Car Doors
  • Four magnets on top of the Door Guard enable a secure attachment to the metal on doors.
  • Soft elastic straps with additional magnets permit the Door Guard to adhere perfectly to aluminum doors.
  • A two inch elastic strap with Velcro ends provides strong attachment to non-metal doors.
  • Included are two loops for holding spray bottles; a magnet mid-way down to keep an olfa-knife at hand; additional magnets prevent 1-inch blades from endangering work area or to be left in the vehicle.
  • Black strip of leather material sewn along top of Door Guard forms a seal to prevent water from dripping behind the Guard.
Note: Putting tape along the top of the black leather strip and tape on the door panel itself will avoid water from dripping down between the Guard and the door.

Dash Guard


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Dash Towel

Dash Cover Monster

Pro Auto Tinters! Add a layer of protection to the dashboard during installs and spraying water. Posted on social media, your customers will appreciate the extra care taken when working in their vehicles. Made to fit better and brandable with your logo printed on water-resistant, black microfiber material. Benefits Compared to Traditional Towels * Sized larger to fully cover any vehicle's dashboard. * Standard – 28” x 58” fits sedans, hatchbacks, small SUV’s. * Monster – 35” x 71” fits full size SUV’s, vans, trucks, etc. * Thicker material for durability and unmatched absorbency. * Contoured top conforms to windshield for a snug fit. * Sewn-in sand pockets keep towel in place. Dash Guards come printable on front and back with your logo displayed on one side. Rather than plain white, we suggest choosing a favored color from your logo for the opposite side. Note: When ordering, indicate the dark color you wish to have printed on the bottom edge. We           recommend this to avoid dirt from showing on the bottom of the Dash Guard. Pricing Standard - $39.00 Monster - $49.00 Full Set (includes one of each size) - $88.00 * FREE Customized Logo Included Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork:

Food Truck Heat Shield

As bulls-eye targets for the sun’s appetite, the glass on food trucks is defenseless against a host of sun related

Seat Armor Set w/ caddy

Our one-of-a-kind universal Seat Cover w/Caddy, also known as Seat Armor, keeps seats free of sweat, sand, dirt, spills, crumbs,

Seat Armour

Preserve the value and appearance of your vehicle’s seats. By adding an extra layer of Seat Armor protection, seats are safeguarded from sweat, dirt, spills, crumbs, sand, driver and passenger wear and tear, etc. Made with washable, water-resistant material, our universal covers are tailored to easily put on and take off. Available in assorted styles, select your favorite pattern from our gallery. We also cater to business owners who are looking to add marketing exposure. Choose your preferred style and our design facility will digitally print your logos at no additional charge!

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Tire Guard


Adds a barrier of protection to a vehicle’s tires during paint protection, ceramic coating, and vehicle wrap installations. Just about any task that requires working around tires will benefit from having Tire Guard’s ability to keep tires dry, clean, and sheltered from damage. Gain greater appreciation for your professionalism as customers observe Tire Guards being used to protect their tires and rims. Along with protection, we customize Tire Guards with your logo for marketing recognition. Whether seen on social media or in blogs, personalized Tire Guards give your company visible branding to attract new customers!

Color – Black only

Available Sizes

Small to Medium: 22” – 31”

Deluxe (Large to X-Large): over 31”


Standard – $25.00 Deluxe – $30.00

Pricing for Tire Guard Sets 4 Standard – $100 less 20% 4 Deluxe  – $130 less 20%

Add: *FREE Customized Logo Included

Add Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork:

Windshield Cover

Introducing the first ever customized shade that keeps your vehicle’s interior considerably cooler than traditional shades. Besides comfort, our shades add artistry and a personalized emblem to your wind-shield glass.

Performs Better ~ Looks Better

* Made with SheerWeave sun-control material. * Sewn-in radiant heat barrier rejects highest degree of solar heat. * Add business logo, artwork, or Shutterstock picture. * Computerized to fit the size of your window. With Quick Draw’s digital printers, we transform your windshield into a fully customized work of art that will attract attention wherever your vehicle is parked. *FREE Customized Logo/Artwork Included Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork:

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