Tool Apron (Large Pocket)



Our Tool Belt/Apron Organizer is designed for safer, quicker, more comfortable tinting installations with no metal exposed to cause damage to cars or boats while working. Its special features also make house cleaning and tasks for handy men, car detailers and do it yourselfers less burdensome.

Tool Apron Tinting Set-Up

  • 2” hard webbing keeps front pocket open for easy access to squeegees.
  • Unique reach-in pocket for hard cards and dedicated holster for olfa blades saves valuable time
  • Large pocket on both sides ideal for scrubbies and other desired items
  • 2” elastic belt provides a comfortable fit for all day use
  • 2” clip delivers fast action when clipping the apron around your waist
  • Two carabiners to hold keys or other desired items
  • Industrial loops on sides hold sprayer bottles, pouches, scrapers, etc. when used for architectural installs
  • Customizable for any size with snug or loose fit to waist
  • Durable water-resistant marine grade material

Apron w/ 2 carabiners (tools not included)


Tool Apron
Tool Apron