Our Mission

We craft innovative tools that empower people to live more efficiently

Our Journey

At age 21, tinting windows for my Dad’s window film business initiated a 20-year journey that resulted in ownership of my own multi-faceted company, aka, High Impact Glass Solutions. My window tinting division is often called internationally to perform specialized high- profile projects. Upon request, we also share our signature techniques with installers nationwide. Reaching this level of clout in the industry is certainly a fulfilling accomplishment. But throughout each surge of business growth, my innate passion for inventions emerged, adding notable prongs to my business profile. Through the launch of Quick Draw Tools, Glass Block Tinting, and Plunger Glove, my one-of -a-kind distinctive inventions are impacting pro-tinters, contractors from multiple trade backgrounds, fitness enthusiasts, and homeowners across the globe.

Our Vision

It takes more than “luck” for companies to attain success and innovation doesn’t become a viable invention from having just a clever thought. It takes vision that never loses its direction, results that will be impactful, and drive that remains persistent no matter how many hurdles are in the way. In other words, we are unstoppable.
Whether installing window film, sending out DIY tinting kits for glass block film applications, or bringing empowerment through our inventions, we are steadfast to constantly raise the bar for delivering nothing less than excellence into our workplace and ultimately pass that on to our customers.