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About window tint tool belt

The evolution of designing tools for window tinters began 18 years ago when I first got involved in the industry. Over the years, I tried every tool belt on the market but never found one that suited my needs. They all felt cumbersome and slowed me down. How frustrating! A tool belt that would be compatible with the tools of our trade just didn't exist.

Glad to have finished a great film install but this belt is way too bulky and pretty much worthless for my needs!

It was time I took things into my own hands, literally!

Hence the Quick Draw Tool Belt System was birthed. Belts were originally riveted together by hand. Though incredibly strong and impressive looking, history reminded us that failing rivets were partially blamed for the sinking of the Titanic! This revelation eventually resulted in the belt’s final phase of production without rivets.

About window tint tool belt

Shaping up with the addition of our patent-pending Blade Snapper Box, Paper Towel Holder and Tool Pouch…but my mind was reeling with ways to improve the belt even further. Oddly enough, it was usually while installing film when ideas would click in my mind.

Always excited to make the belt better, I’d hurry back to the shop and put my ideas into action. The ongoing tweaks and changes truly personified the phrase “a work in progress!"

Our original 1st generation tool belt looked great but had not yet reached perfection. Too much metal, it wasn't universal to fit both right and left handed tinters, and I wanted to eliminate bulk and add to its capability for holding additional tools. These improvements and more eventually materialized as we progressively made changes.

About window tint tool belt

From the get-go, I was impressed to powder-coat the metal parts of the belt. Powder-coating was a familiar process to me as my father owned an international company that manufactured and powder-coated tin ceiling panels. He allowed me to use his powder-coating facility to coat our first round of tools. We were able to coat much of the belt including our squeegees and olfa knives. This process proved to be worth the extra steps as it gave rust-resistance and color to the metal parts.

About window tint tool belt

Metal paper towel dispensers prior to being powder-coated ⇨

caption: Same metal paper towel dispensers after being powder-coated.
Same metal paper towel dispensers after being powder-coated ⇧

About Quick Draw Tools

So there you have it - the beginning steps from the Quick Draw family album!

The New Generation Quick Draw Tool Belt

Eliminating bulkiness while adding more versatility and quick speed action were about to take the belt to a whole new level. By now, my main objectives were to enhance the belt’s functionality and exclude the rivets. We experienced a major breakthrough when we discovered how to make the belt more adjustable. By sewing the belt with a layered combination of hard 2” wide webbing material for strength and a 2” elastic material to add elasticity for comfort, the belt now accommodated all waist sizes and could be worn by either left or right hand tinters. These alterations enabled us to eliminate the potentially faulty rivets as well. We also inserted slots throughout, allowing tinters to add or remove items depending on their preference and the type of job at hand.

window tint tool belt
Window Tint Tool Belt

Window Tinting tools
Finally! A tool belt system for window tinters with all the tools of our trade conveniently within reach to make installations an easier task!

This final phase of alterations evolved the new generation tool belt as a system that could be ordered with or without all the bells and whistles. How cool is that? You order only what you need!

With it’s innovative functionality for the window tinting industry, our tool belt has quickly grown in popularity and is starting to gain international attention. Quick Draw Tools now ships belts and accessories to tint shops world-wide!

Window Tinting around the world

Quick Draw Tools in the Future

The success of the tool belt has inspired me to extend our boundaries and create tools and products that will be equally innovative for other industries. We’ve started production on tools to facilitate signage and wrap installers, window washers, painters, carpenters, handy men, and even members of Cross Fit. To date, Quick Draw Tools offers more than 60 products with many more tools already in the works.

It has been a remarkable privilege and un-describable experience to see how our tools are truly making a difference for our customers!

Be sure to check in regularly. Who knows what we’ll come up with next!