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Apron Plus

With its diverse functionality, the apron can be utilized in any industry. Designed without any metal exposed, tinters and contractors no longer risk causing damage to their customer’s property. Larger pockets hold any size tools and are designed to offer quick access to tools when needed. Included are 2 carabineers and sturdy loops to hold multiple items.  For maximum comfort, the elasticity of the belt conforms with your body movement.  Color Selection: Red, Black, Blue Options for Uploading Logo Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork: info@quickdrawtools.com  * FREE Customized Logo Included


Demo Video Our first tool belt setup for architectural window tinting installers. Comes with Quick Draw’s Tool Belt Boss and

Auto Door Guard

Auto Tinter’s Dream! Durable water-resistant cover saves time and protects car doors from water and installation damage. Easy & Secure Attachment to Any Car Doors
  • Four magnets on top of the Door Guard enable a secure attachment to the metal on doors.
  • Soft elastic straps with additional magnets permit the Door Guard to adhere perfectly to aluminum doors.
  • A two inch elastic strap with Velcro ends provides strong attachment to non-metal doors.
  • Included are two loops for holding spray bottles; a magnet mid-way down to keep an olfa-knife at hand; additional magnets prevent 1-inch blades from endangering work area or to be left in the vehicle.
  • Black strip of leather material sewn along top of Door Guard forms a seal to prevent water from dripping behind the Guard.
Note: Putting tape along the top of the black leather strip and tape on the door panel itself will avoid water from dripping down between the Guard and the door.


Patent pending dual-action blade snapper box with container safely holds dangerous blades.  Powerful magnet pulls down and keeps snapped blades inside box.  Plastic cover slides down for easy and safe removal of used blades.  Blade-Aid made wide and deep enough to store larger amounts of any size blades.

Bottle Pouch

Shaped to hold a standard size squirt bottle perfectly, our Bottle Pouch attaches to both style Quick Draw Tool belts. Metal wire added to the top keeps the pouch open, allowing a bottle to easily slide in and out.Alternatively, the pouch is a great accessory for holding loose items, trash, etc.


Metal loop with spring-loaded gate quickly and reversibly connects components, Quick Draw Tools uses carabiners for fastening accessories to our Belts, Aprons, and Caddies.

Comfort Pad

Measuring 26”x33”, this ½” thick pad made with black water-resistant material is a variation of a yoga mat with added functionality for contractors or do-it-yourselfers. Providing comfort when kneeling, sitting, or lying down, the pad adds an excellent layer of protection to walls and fixtures when working in a fragile area. Also, safeguard against damaging furnishings by laying tools on the pad instead of floor or furniture. Included Velcro straps make for quick roll-up storage. Made tough to last and easily cleaned with soap and water.
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Comfort Pad – Mini

Measuring 11”x23”, this ½ thick durable, water-resistant pad is great to use by contractors when kneeling in tight spaces during small projects. Providing protection for knees, it also eliminates potential damage to walls and fixtures when strapped to ladders.  Velcro straps are included for quick roll-up storage. Pad is easily cleaned with soap and water. *FREE Customized Logo Included  Options for Uploading Logos Option #1 – Use the upload field below for EPS, PNG, or PDF formats Option #2 – Email artwork: info@quickdrawtools.com


We manufacture and sell a selection of innovative products and accessories to professionals, do-it-yourself craftsmen, and consumers. Assembled at our St. Petersburg, FL. facility, our products are constructed with 100% American made materials bringing tested and proven performance to the market place. Our mission is to continue providing customers with inventive and useful products designed to last over time with the purpose of tackling unique challenges found within multiple applications.



“Can’t say enough great things about the belt system. Totally ingenious! After wearing Unger and pouch style tool belts for years, the Quick Draw belt system has literally changed my life. Tinting has become easier and with so many less hassles. Its about time!”

Brian Smith

Boca Raton, Florida

“Always wished I had an extra pair of hands to speed up my installs. So cool that the Quick Draw Tool Belt gives me the speed I wanted. And man, it’s awesome having the snapper box and paper towel holder right at my waist. Thanks for a well-designed, comfortable belt that will last and makes my life easier.”

Chad Williams

Largo, FL

“Me and my installers love our belts! Finally a solution for the used olfa blades and wow, thank you Quick Draw Tools for coming up with the paper towel holder and awesome clip for the sprayer nozzle. Can’t believe that this belt even exists! Everyone here at my window tinting business is now a Quick Draw Tinter. Worth every penny and more!”

Eric Jhonson

Houston, TX.